AHD DVR 4CH            Feature: {C}l         HD iDVR Three in one: combines the function of DVR/HVR

    1. 详细信息

     AHD DVR 4CH      







    {C}l         {C}HD iDVR Three in one: combines the function of DVR/HVR/NVR together, multi-mode input, support 4ch analog+network HD video hybrid input support full HD network video input.

    {C}l         {C}step on the internet:can penetrate through all kinds of network via cloud service, to do remote control easily&conveniently without any complicate setting.  

    {C}l         {C}Compression algorithm ideal:Compression algorithm upgraded to H.264 main profile,the advance space-time filter technique make the code stream lower at least 30% .

    {C}l         {C}playback quality:real-time coding synchronously, real-time multi-channel playback synchronously.

    {C}l         {C}Main and Sub Stream:support main stream and extra steam encode synchronously.Main stream is for local storage to maintain the image quality, extra stream is for network real-time transmission, to easily solve the bottleneck problem of bandwidth.

    {C}l         {C}Mobile monitor:support all kinds of mobile monitor (iPhone, Android)

    l         {C}Display: support VGA&HDMI output synchronously which support 1080P hd output, make the traditional monitor display effect upside down.

    {C}l         {C}Operation interface:similar WINDOWS operating style,powerful right button menu function of mouse, make it easy for using.

    l         {C}Network:Powerful net service(support DHCPPPPOEFTPDNSDDNSNTPUPNPEMAILlIP , etc),complete enclosure(WEB,CMS,SDK),to easily achieve interconnection.

    {C}l         {C}Browsers:Support multi-browser(IE,Chrome,Firefox,Safari.

    {C}l         {C}Remote Access:Self enclosed with DNS function (ARSP),one-key to enable remote control, and support DNS of 3322,dyndns,oray,myq-see, etc.

    {C}l         {C}Others:Completed protective circuit, unique treble watchdog function, make device never crashed; special black-box technology to monitor the device process, greatly reduce the maintenance cost.











    Main processor

    Technical grade embedded microprocessor HI 3520DEmbedded LINUX operating system

    Display screen

    1/4 screen (take analog channel as an example, other is base on the selected channel mode)

    Video standard

    PAL(625 lines,50fps);NTSC(525lines,60fps)

    Monitor quality


    Encode capability

    Local analog input4*7204*AHD-L

    Local analog + network digital input2*720Panalog+2*720Pip

    All network digital input4*720P4*1080P8*720P8*1080P1*1080P

    Decode capability


    Motion detection

    Each channel can set 192(16*12)detection area;can set multi-level of flexibility (for local analog channel only)

    Record mode

    manual>alarm>motion detection>timing

    Local playback

    4ch playback synchronously

    Video search

    time,date,event,channel search

    Space occupation

    720P 20G/day960H 12~20G/day*ch audio691.2M/day*ch

    Video storage

    Local HDD ,Network

    Back  up mode

    Network backup,USB portable HDD,USB imprint,

    Video input

    4ch BNC

    Video output

    1ch VGA,1ch HDMI

    Audio input


    Audio output


    Alarm input


    Alarm input


    Network port

    RJ45 10M/100M self-adaptive Ethernet port

    PTZ control

    1 RS485;support multi kinds of PTZ protocol

    USB port


    HDD port

    1* SATA ports(biggest 4TB)