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    IClock300         Overvien:Supports U disk upload and download the function of the record, is specifically for the need to use the remote off-line business unit

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    Supports U disk upload and download the function of the record, is specifically for the need to use the remote off-line business units for fingerprint attendance and design. With a user-friendly interface design, graphical interface display, make the human-computer interaction more friendly. 3.5 inch TFT color screen, 6 00000 5 color high color, with a resolution of 320x240, sophisticated processing technology, let you have a wide field vision to enjoy. Built in Linux operating system, the top of the European professional technology, the machine can run for a long time. Fingerprint attendance machine by RS232, RS485, TCP / IP communication with the computer, can use multiple network; high recognition rate, problem solve special crowd fingerprint quality is poor, suitable for 100-500 people in attendance management.



    - High speed dual engine identification algorithm in the system reliability, accuracy,        identification speed are significantly improved, 2 seconds can be processed in 3000 good or bad fingerprint uniform distribution;

    - A powerful Intel32 embedded fingerprint identification module (ZEM510), which is easy to integrate into various systems;

    The embedded development system (EDK) based on the motherboard is a versatile embedded Linux offline fingerprint product development platform, which can satisfy most of the embedded market demand based on fingerprint;

    - New fingerprint enhancement mode, improve the quality of fingerprint identification;

    Support RF card and other cards input and output devices, configurable ID card, Mifare card attendance a variety of ways;

    - Be able to realize the function of sleep mode, the software controls the power off, set the time to start;

    - Optical collector "enhanced film", improve the image quality, accept dry, wet fingers, 360 degree of support for the identification, easy to use with good performance;

    - 24 hours of uninterrupted operation of the main board design;

    - With voltage monitoring, Programmable Watchdog Timer function;

    Customers without any additional single chip microcomputer directly using the EDK motherboard easy to tailor, to meet the needs of industry customers, enhance competitiveness;






    Fingerprint Capacity 


    ID Card Capacity 



    VX9.0 Biokey

    Operating system


    Communication mode

    USB, RS485, TCP/IP, Device USB, Host RS232

    Attendance speed

    2 seconds

    Miscarriage of Justice


    Rejection rate



    red, green


    3.5 inch 60000 5 color high-definition color screen


    Super fingerprint

    Flash memory

    32M (support USB2.0 protocol)

    Operating Temp

    0°C- 45°C

    Operating Humidity 



    192×140×41mm (Length×Width×Thickness)

    Gross Weight 

    1.05 kg