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     2.4G Wireless Barcode Scanner (MKB-W/52)  Features1、RF is equipped with 2.4G bidirectional .2、Automatic frequency hopping speed rate and very fast transmission .3、The independent mecha

    1. 详细信息

     2.4G Wireless Barcode Scanner (MKB-W/52)





    1RF is equipped with 2.4G bidirectional .

    2Automatic frequency hopping speed rate and very fast transmission .

    3The independent mechanical ID enables that each gun has a unique identification number and guarantees that many sets of products cannot disturb each other when they work at the same time

    4The customizable ID enables the user to distinguish the data source easily .

    5The checking mode is simple and can be used easily ,and can storage 500-10000 barcode messages(customization is needed if messages are more than 500).

    6A special charging circuit guarantees the charging safety



    Light Source Type

    Visual lasing diode; the wave length is 650mm.

    Trigger mode

    Manual (can be switched off after the on/off button is pressed for several seconds)

    Scanning Pattern

    Single-line scanning

    Scanning speed

    100±2 times /s



    Printing Contrast Ratio

    The lowest reflectivity difference is 30

    Bit error rate

    1/50 million

    Charging input voltage


    Power: 100mW (work)

    500mW (momentary maximum)

    Current: 20mA (work)

    100mA (momentary maximum)

    Standby current


    Light intensity


    Depth of field


    Scanning angle

    ±60°±65°±42° (Left and right, front and back, rotation)

    Decoding capacity

    Code 39 Full ASCII, Code 39 TriOptic, Code 128, Code 128Full ASCII, Codabar,Code93, Discrete2of5, IATA,RSSvariants, Codabar, Chinese2of5,International general dimensional barcodes, e.g. Inteleaved2/5, Interleaved2of5 and China postal service code.

    Promotion pattern

    Buzzer and LED indicator



    Charging interface type

    RJ-45 crystal head, one meter long (equipped with 5V charger; the battery is being charged when the red light is on and fully charged when the green light is on).

    Hull material



    0  to 50  (Work):-40  to 60  (storage)

    Setting mode

    Manual (scanning and setting barcodes according to the sequence)

    Laser safety class

    EN60825-1, Class 1, state level-I laser safety standard


    EN55022, EN55024

    Electrical safety


    Packaging level


    Anti-seismic capacity

    This product can still work properly after falling down and being impacted on the concrete floor from the height of 2m for many times